Apple Mac data recovery in Bath

Our skilled technicians at Evolution Business Data Recovery know just what to do when an Apple Mac goes down and you can’t get at the data you need to run your business. It’s an alarming time, possibly placing your company in jeopardy, but we’re here to help extract that data and keep your operations going.

Our specialist Apple mac data recovery services are available to companies in the Bath, Warminster and Frome areas, and we can also handle iPhone data recovery in the event that a device dies or is badly damaged and you can’t get access to the information stored in it.


Apple computers are particularly popular with business executives and those working in the creative industries, and we are experienced in performing data recovery operations on all the available models, including the iMac and MacBook machines that are in widespread use.

You don’t have to worry about any work we do potentially voiding the warranty on your expensive Apple computer because our recovery methods are in full compliance with Apple’s service and warranty stipulations.

About our services

Our Mac data recovery solutions cover a variety of scenarios that could put the data held on the machines at risk. These include not only hard drives failing but also viruses and other malicious elements that can corrupt the data and make it impossible to use. This is an unfortunate and frequent occurrence in today’s internet-based world, along with the rising trend of hacking attacks by criminal gangs that are striking companies big and small.

Other issues that can harm digital files or make them unavailable are the common problem of power surges and sudden outages, a whole range of natural disasters that can destroy buildings and the equipment in them, and basic human errors that happen all the time. Whatever the problem, and however bad a state the data is in, with our 90% recovery success rate, it’s a good bet we can help.

We use cutting-edge hardware to carry out our Apple mac recovery work and with us and our affordable services, you won’t find any hidden charges that will shock. Contact us now to discover more about how you can safeguard your invaluable digital data when things go badly wrong.