Emails are such an important communication tool in our personal and business lives that losing one can sometimes be catastrophic. Ever go looking for an important email and realize it’s not there? You start to panic as you check and recheck for that missing email.If you need to recover lost email, Evolution Business Data Recovery is the phone call you should make to get your problem resolved. We have the knowledge and experience to help you recover lost emails. Evolution Business Data Recovery restores the complete email, including the message header, text body and any attachments.

Extensive knowledge of email software

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email programs due to its many features. It has options for you to keep a list of contacts, make calendar appointments and schedule “to do” lists. We can get your deleted or inaccessible contacts, appointments, calendar items, and scheduled tasks to help you stay on course and meet all your obligations.Lost emails can be caused by different issues. While the most common reason may be accidental deletion, other problems can make emails disappear.

Most people know that viruses can delete emails, but did you know that anti-virus programs can sometimes corrupt email files as they scan them for viruses? Hardware failures and power outages can cause file corruption problems. Natural and manmade disasters, such as fires and floods, could damage your email server and the files stored on it. Email recovery should be a part of business disaster recovery planning.

Effective tools for recovering your data

Evolution Business Data Recovery has developed proprietary email diagnostic and corrective tools that allow us to retrieve data from all email server and client applications. Most of the time, emails are safe and working correctly, but when there’s a problem, we can quickly get it fixed, and get you up and running again.