Emergency data recovery services for customers in Bath.


Did you delete an innocent looking file only to find out that you’ve crashed the entire payroll database? Did a co-worker or family member become angry and decide to take it out on your hard drive that just so happened to contain incredibly important data? Maybe a glass of water happened to tip over onto your computer through no fault of your own. Data recovery emergencies are no laughing matter, and we’re here to help.

While most businesses and individuals back up their data on a regular basis, sometimes those back ups fail. Sometimes they simply cannot find those back up copies. Even if a hard drive has failed and will no longer turn on or boot up, it may be possible to retrieve the data from it.

Our emergency data recovery services in Bath are our top priority, with our quickest turn around offered for your fastest return so you can get your business back in order. If retrieval is possible, this premium service will get you back on your feet swiftly.

Emergency data recovery services from Evolution Business Data Recovery, based in Bath, are available. Our experts can be contacted during business hours at 01225 650 137 or 0771 6265 775 for more information regarding our services and our availability. Depending on the situation, our operators may be able to offer a small amount of advice over the phone.

What we can do for you

We do not guarantee data retrieval upon receipt of hard drives. All hard drives will be inspected and owners will be notified if they are damaged beyond retrieval. Not all hard drives can be repaired and not all data can be retrieved. Any advice given via phone line does not deem the company responsible for any potential additional damage that may occur while the hard drive owner attempts to retrieve their data.