Raid drive arrays and data recovery for raid drives in Bath


Now more than ever, businesses rely on information technology in order to have an advantage over their competitors. However, there is also the real possibility that the technology will fail, resulting in the information being lost. One of the best ways to mitigate the risk of data corruption is to use RAID and RAID Recovery software.
The idea behind RAID is to increase both the speed of your database as well as provide a means of data recovery in the event of a system failure.

Common types of RAID:

Raid 0: Striped drives. No mirroring or Parity. Has good performance and speed, but no redundancy.
Raid 1: Complete Mirroring. Provides complete redundancy. If one drive fails, all your data is safe, but slow performance.
Raid 5: Striped blocks with parity. In the event a drive fails, you can recover the data because there is parity data. This allows you to derive the data you lost without sacrificing hard drive space.
In the event that there is a system wide failure, it is not wise to initiate a RAID Recovery by yourself. It is very difficult and requires a very experienced hand in order to regain your lost data. Luckily for customers in need of RAID data recovery in Bath and the surrounding areas including Frome and Warminster can turn to the experts at Evolution Business Data Recovery to lend a hand when it comes to all RAID related data recovery needs. From initial analysis through to