Evolution Business Data Recovery in Frome

Every company needs to protect their valuable digital files and information from harm, but there are times when hard drives and other storage devices simply fail, rendering the data stored on them useless. Evolution Business Data Recovery helps customers in Frome to guard against such a devastating scenario, by providing superior and affordable recovery solutions to companies in Frome and the nearby areas of Bath including Warminster.

We are specialists in all kinds of data recovery from all types of hard drive, whatever the make or age. Our expert technicians have many years’ experience in retrieving files for companies whose drives failed and left them unable to retrieve the data they needed to run their companies. We can handle Apple Mac data recovery, as well as recovery from PCs, laptops and even phones that die and won’t come back to life.

If you are looking for data recovery in Frome, whether it be Apple Mac data recovery or laptop recovery we are sure that our team of experts can provide a quick turn around to get your data back up and running.

The very best in data recovery solutions


We employ state-of-the-art data recovery hardware to extract files from damaged drives and although it’s not possible to promise that every recovery will be a success, we’re proud to say that on average, we have achieved a 90% success rate for our clients. Our basic approach is: when you think all is lost and you’re about to give up, don’t, because we won’t. We really do thrive on the most challenging recovery jobs.

It’s not only drives that die of their own accord either. We’re also able to recover data from storage devices that may have been accidentally erased, as well as those that have been damaged in a fire or by water. Our track record tells us that there’s nearly always a way to get hold of that precious data again – so never lose hope.

Our professional services are based on transparency at all times, and we guarantee our clients there will never be any hidden charges when they’re using our services. Plus, when disaster strikes and you need your data immediately, we’re on hand with our fast and reliable personnel to try to recover it for you as quickly as possible.

To find out more about protecting your company in the event of a catastrophic hard drive failure, get in touch with us today and we will be pleased to tell you more.