Hard Drive Data Recovery in Bath and the surrounding areas


Not being able to access your hard drive can be devastating. We have seen far too many clients at a complete loss when they found themselves holding a corrupt drive, faced with the possibility of losing everything from professional documents to family photos and music collections.

Generally, there are two types of hard drive failures: mechanical and logical. A mechanical failure is when one or more parts of the drive are preventing data access. Many of our clients have heard that dreaded spinning and clicking associated with this failure. A logical failure is when, for reasons unknown, BIOS appears to be reading the drive, but you cannot access it. This could be the result of anything from defective platters to destroyed file tables. Either way, you want someone to look at the drive right away!

Getting data back from a corrupt hard drive

At Evolution Business Data Recovery, we use the best practices to safely recover data from a corrupted or damaged hard drive. We operate in a dust-free, anti-static environment, using only fully trained engineers that understand the complexity of hard disk micro-circuitry. Our processes utilize an array of hardware-based firmware and imaging resources to locate the issue, but we promise not to make a move until we’ve discussed the entire process and cost with you. Our goal is to provide an exemplary level of custom service alongside reasonable costs that are transparent with no surprises.

A lot of people don’t realize a damaged HD can be saved if it’s brought to a professional skilled in data recovery. Whether the hard drive was dropped in water or stepped on, get that hard drive to a reputable data recovery team ASAP.

If your hard drive has died on you, accepting the loss is the last thing you have to do. Get a free quote on recovery from a leader in recovery like Evolution Business Data Recovery.