Data Recovery for Warminster

All companies have an obligation to protect their data whether it be internal or third party data that is protected by law and that’s where Evolution Business comes in. Our team of highly trained data recovery experts offer Warminster the best data recovery services on offer with the latest technology and an impressive 90% success rate for recovering data.

If your business is based in Warminster, Bath or Frome and is looking for a data recovery plan then our team can also help. We provide a full consultation to ensure that your data recovery needs are met and that there will never be any need for panic when losing data.

Different types of data recovery


Our team comes equipped with a variety of hardware and software to help recover lost files. We have knowledgeable staff within every area. If you are in need of Apple Mac data recovery then we have a specialist, whereas if you are looking for an expert to recover your data from a laptop we have as specialist team who take care of that area too!

Our Ethos

We always believe you should never give up on lost data. Our company prides itself on being able to restore files which have previously been written off by other companies who have attempted data recovery. Technology moves fast but we are always moving with it, that’s why we always keep our team up to date with the latest data recovery technology and provide the necessary training to go with it.

We also offer transparency with our data recovery services to our loyal customers in Warminster, Frome and the surrounding areas. We will try to recover your data as soon as possible and keep you up to date with every step of the process. To find out more about the extensive number of services we provide simply call us on 01225 650 137 to speak to a member of our dedicated team.